MOM and dad are old and more attention to their health!

MOM and dad are old and more attention to their health!
Years was the most ruthless, quietly took the child and his young, meanwhile, also took the young parents, taking their good health. Day by day look at MOM and Dad’s waist bends up and looked at MOM and Dad’s eyes blurred by the day and looked at MOM and Dad’s footsteps hobbled along day by day, looking at past Majesty of their day by day, back into a child, your heart, and what kind of feeling?
MOM and dad are old and more attention to their health! Triple
Although parents are old, they are proud of. They will because they are old and felt he could not do anything, worry that dragged the child, no matter what body has kept the Ninja, unless one day could no longer hide. However, the body is the most vulnerable of the elderly, if at first you don’t pay attention to maintenance, problem and highlight remedial measures, it was too late.
So as a child, what can we do for your MOM and dad?
First, pay more attention to the health of parents, discover problems with parents, with parents timely treatment.
Second, pay more attention to the psychological needs of parents, respect for parents, and Exchange feelings with their parents.
Three diet, concerned parents, and let parents save on food, do not pay attention to nutritional balance.
Four, timed to take parents to medical examination, using scientific methods to ensure that parents are in good health.
Five, spend time with my parents, with parents with the housework or exercising, or taking the parents out appropriate travel.

Elderly people are the most likely to have problems with three high, in terms of diet, diet parents should pay attention to what? what does high balance for the elderly?
A, yams
Their mucus protein prevents fat deposition in the cardiovascular system, maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, preventing hardening of the arteries, reduce fat deposits under the skin, avoid obesity. Yam dopamine in dilation of blood vessels, improving blood circulation functions. Yam also improves digestive function, if any, Chinese Yam and Lotus seeds, Fox added a little sugar available total of cooking.

Second, the Hawthorn
Strengthening and regulating heart muscle, increases coronary blood flow and ventricular and atrial amplitude, can lower blood cholesterol, promoting fat metabolism.

Three, maize
Rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium and vitamins a, B1, B2, B6, e, imperatorin, also rich in fiber. Eat corn lowers cholesterol and soften blood vessel, cholecystitis, gallstone and diabetes treatment.

As we all know, older people are often fresh meat, because they think that eating meat is good for the body, nutrition, many old people are even used to eat fat. Do people eat meat should be taboo?
We believe that the old man could eat meat, but should pay attention to.
Meat nutritious and contains a variety of substances of the human body, is what good food of choice. But elderly people eating too much fat is clearly harmful to health. So, eat pigs, cows, lamb, better to eat foie gras, duck and chicken. Therefore, it was suggested: “eat meat than to eat meat, eat poultry meat than fish. “This is very reasonable.
Of course, meat and beans mix better.
This is because soy contains a lot of lecithin emulsified serum, cholesterol and fat particles become small, suspended in a plasma, is not in the blood vessel walls, can prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

In fact, for the old man’s body and stomach, and bone stew soup the best.
Soup better than meat, because meat soup is not only fresh and fragrant and delicious, high protein, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus content. So often stewed soup bones, fat reducing 30%~50%, cholesterol decrease, increase in unsaturated fatty acids, are ideal nutrition in the elderly.
Suitable for the elderly to eat meat, fish and meat are advantages.
Meat is one of the best in the meat of the fish, the tender meat, easier to digest than meat, poultry meat. While fish is low in fat, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases was more appropriate, eat fish and brain function. Therefore, the elderly advocates eating more fish.

However, the old man’s food “a few”.
One, fine. The majority have bad teeth, not completely chew then swallow, over time bad for your health. Fine food, made mince meat, hard to chew things to pieces. When you eat slowly, to ease the burden of gastrointestinal digestion.
Second, to bad. Teeth are very loose and fall off of the elderly, masticatory muscles weaken, reduction in secretion of digestive juices and enzymes, gastrointestinal function is reduced. Therefore, the food to be soft, rotten.
Third, hotter. The elderly poor resistance to cold,Cartier Amore rosa d’oro Bracciali pieghevole such as eating cold food can cause vasoconstriction in the stomach wall, reduced blood supply, and reflex caused other internal circulation, less healthful. Therefore, the diet of the elderly should be slightly warmer, is subject to suitable entrance to eat.
Four, to light. Some old people taste, however, eat much salt will add burden to the heart, kidneys, cause blood pressure to rise. For health, the elderly should be 6 to 8 grams of salt a day.
Five less. Research has shown that excessive feed is harmful to health, elderly meals eight or nine points should be enough, especially for dinner.
Six, to trash. Protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water is required the six nutrients the body, these nutrients exist widely in a variety of foods. To balance the absorption of nutrients and stay healthy, all kinds of food to eat, if possible, primary food products should be kept 10 or so a day. Fresh vegetables are elderly friend, it is not only rich in vitamin c and minerals, have more fiber, have important effects on cardiovascular and cancer prevention of constipation, daily intake of vegetables should be not less than 250 g.
On the old man’s health, appropriate exercise is also essential. Nutritionists recommend, the elderly to do some gentle exercise, such as walking, Tai Chi, Yangge dance, etc. Best not to select the intensity, speed, fast, competitive sports. Outdoor exercise to keep warm and to avoid catching cold.

Longevity of the elderly just because smaller meals

Dieting for health home health has always been advocating. A person who has good appetite and attention to diet, it is good for health. Longevity in the Song dynasty poet Lu you’s poems “longevity is just because meals”. Folk have a lot of proverbs emphasize the benefits of eating, such as “eat less. Meals, eat a lot of bad taste “. Diet with three hungry, body relaxed and not feel tired. “You want to live to be 99, per meal. “Wait, this is summed up in the practice of our people in the long term health care classic.
Human gastrointestinal function, Chinese medicine think material should be reduced to Shun “, that is, functions of the gastrointestinal tract is normal on the bottom, smooth and vice versa, is regarded as pathological, such as constipation and vomiting. Gastrointestinal tract is the six Fu-organs of vital organs. Diet, effectively keeping it smooth, every intake of food in the stomach can be adequately mixed, good digestion, nutrients be absorbed fully.
Basal metabolic rate in the elderly with age and decreases gradually, and after you enter old age, reduced physical activity, the consumption of thermal energy is also reduced accordingly. Therefore, the supply of calories are reduced in the elderly. If old people eat is not reduced, resulting in excess, could have adverse health effects. Because every meal you overeat, causes the blood concentration of gastrointestinal, is bound to cause ischemia of the heart, brain and other vital organs of oxygen, easy to induce or exacerbate coronary heart disease, angina, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular disease and diabetes and cholecystitis. In addition, eating too much can lead to obesity, and obesity can cause a variety of diseases. Research data show that due to overeating and obesity, and more persons died of cancer than normal. Abroad, many studies show that the vast majority of long-lived people of normal weight or underweight. Diet way to slow down the speed of physiological aging, is a good way to maintain health and longevity.
United Kingdom a man named Thomas farmer, lived for 152 years old, King found, calling him into his house, asked him to pass on longevity. Who knows, in his palace, and soon died. Autopsies found that showed no signs of aging, his various organs, problem is that too greedy after he entered the Palace. Medical scientists experimenting with mice, the mice of the same age, eat live 1 year, only enough to feed seven or eight lived for two years. That’s saying a diet can prolong life and less ill.
Diet most “beneficiaries” are the brain. Eating too much will cause the brain slow and speed up the aging of the brain. After people eat, and tend to be drowsy, this is because the people who ran to the intestines to the blood. The work “, leading to ischemia of the brain. Studies have shown that people eat too full, “fibroblasts long fill factor in rapid brain growth, and it is caused by cerebral arteriosclerosis in the first place. Full per meal for a long time, which will constantly accumulate in the brain increases, when it reaches a certain amount, the cerebral arterial sclerosis occurs, and cerebral arteriosclerosis is also predisposing factors of senile dementia. Therefore, the usual diet, you can stay away from Alzheimer’s.