Diagnosis of senile disease

Diagnosis of senile disease
Part of the elderly due to deafness, memory loss, confusion, the history of the narrative may be more confusion, the focus is not prominent, must be systematically and detailed inquiry, if necessary, by the unit or family members. For the use of drugs, in particular, to ask in detail, some of the elderly on the use of drugs is not clear, to describe the error, the need to pay attention to.
To examine the aged human body, it is necessary to observe the skin, mucous membrane and tongue, and help to understand the loss of water and malnutrition, cervical lymph node and thyroid need to be detailed. Elderly cervical spondylosis often cause neurological symptoms. When there is no need to observe the examination of chest barrel chest. Pay attention to check the carotid artery, dorsalis pedis artery pulsatility, lower extremity edema, body color and temperature is normal, double lower limbs is symmetrical.
Laboratory examination in the elderly, due to a variety of factors more complex problems. The examination of the “normal range” in the elderly is not very obvious. Test results in the elderly may be affected by a variety of diseases and treatment of non-specific effects. ECG examination should be listed as a routine for the aged. B ultrasound for noninvasive examination, for the discovery of the digestive system, urinary system diseases help. The development of sedation gastroscopy, colonoscopy, or painless gastroscopy, painless colonoscopy, reduce the side effects, before large-scale use of the elderly, in order to understand the esophageal, stomach, duodenum and colon disease.
The diagnosis of senile disease should pay attention to the elderly and sick, therefore can not be satisfied with the diagnosis of a disease should try to find the possible coexistence of disease. Laboratory examination is very important because of the atypical nature of old age. Some early cancer have no symptoms, showed only as high as a tumor marker, followed by B-ultrasound, X-ray, CT gastroscopy, colonoscopy diagnosis.

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