What is health examination

What is health examination

Health is a health initiative to hospital or specialized medical examination Center to check the entire body, the main purpose is to check for potential diseases, in order to take timely preventive and treatment measures. Health check is not sick to the hospital after doing various checks.

Health and disease are two different things, physical examination can only be described as a first, some of the major diseases that can be found. For example, routine urine tests can detect serious kidney disease, and high blood pressure, hepatitis b and significant lung disease by measurement of blood pressure, blood test and chest x-ray findings. But for some of the more complex diseases, regular health examination are powerless. For example, cancer is one of the common symptoms of anemia, in routine physical examination by checking haemoglobin are able to detect anemia, and some cancers are not symptoms of anemia, so routine physical examination is to find out. So, don’t just pay attention to physical examination is normal, while ignoring the views of doctors in the medical report signed. Medical reports concluded that examining physicians through the comprehensive analysis on physical examination results of it, if you find a single review, you should immediately review the diagnosis.

Optional medical projects to seek medical advice when the family history, the impact of age, hobby, person and person’s physical condition is not the same and cannot be specifically chosen to save money check routine examination of several projects, so check out the result does not reflect the situation of the whole body. Correct practice is to develop personalized medical programmes by professional doctors. Subjects before the medical examination will give doctors a detailed description of the situation of the individual, after doctors conducted a comprehensive analysis, according to the patient’s physical condition “tailored”, conforms to the patient’s medical projects and relatively inexpensive personalized programmes.

Physical no problem not confined to the conclusion for the examinee to save medical reports of “normal” or “abnormal”. Medical report of every data, is a subdivision of the whole body. Doctors in determining whether an illness is often medical data from the reference year, by contrast, to determine whether there is a potential for disease. Qiu said that medical reports should be saved year after year. If you suffer from a disease, will provide doctors with the medical reports in the past, doctors will soon be worked out treatment programmes.

For instance, some projects or bodies should be depending on the age and sex of the regular checks. Blood pressure check at least once a year: the first cholesterol check at the age of 20, after checking once every 5 years; at the age of 50 do prostate exam for the first time, some doctors suggest 40 years; at the age of 50, first rectal examination, once every 3-5 years later.

Women should also increase of organs such as the breast examination. Women at the age of 40, to find a doctor for breast exams for the first time; at the age of 50, mammography remains to be done, or start at age 40. Cervical smear screening, asked at the age of 18 (or after sex) to do the first check. 1-3 years later inspections. After three consecutive negative results obtained, and check gap may be appropriately extended.

Many healthy people be considered optional, others rely on good health for examination, physical examination is a cleanup of the health, not only on time, there is a lot of knowledge worth noting. Hope you will find this is a reminder.